1004MC Record Set Overview

Report ID: 13039 Effective Date of Data: 5/9/2015 Total Records in Sample:  1429
Total Closed Sales: 888 Total Pending Sales: 151 Total REO/Foreclosure Resales: 112
Total Active Listings: 245 Total "Short Sale" Listings: 13 Total REO/Foreclosure Listings: 6
Total Temp Off Mkt: 11 Total Withdrawn/Canc or Dupe: 207 Total Expired: 78
Minimum Improvement Size: 672 SF Maximum Improvement Size: 3492 SF Average Improvement Size: 1422 SF
Minimum Year Built: 1940 Maximum Year Built: 2014 Average Year Built: 1973
Minimum Site Size: 131 SF Maximum Site Size: 156816000 SF Average Site Size: 117840.735729 SF
Minimum Sales Price: $54000 Maximum Sale Price: $550000 Average Sale Size: $190768

Data to complete the top of page 2 in the URAR that corresponds to 1004MC Data
There are 245 comparable properties currently offered for sale in the subject neighborhood ranging in price from $ 60000 to $ 575000
There are 888 comparable sales in the subject neighborhood within the past twelve months ranging sale in price from $ 54000 to $ 550000

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Research Parameters for the number of Current Active Listings combined with Pending Sales and Comparable Sales for the prior twelve months noted at the top of Page 2 of the URAR was for improvements that featured between 672 Sq. Ft. and 3492 Sq. Ft. of Living Area and constructed between 1940 and 2014.

Data indicates that there is an approximate 3 month supply of listings (rounded).