1004MC Record Set Overview

Report ID: 13039 Effective Date of Data: 5/9/2015 Total Records in Sample:  1429
Total Closed Sales: 888 Total Pending Sales: 151 Total REO/Foreclosure Resales: 112
Total Active Listings: 245 Total "Short Sale" Listings: 13 Total REO/Foreclosure Listings: 6
Total Temp Off Mkt: 11 Total Withdrawn/Canc or Dupe: 207 Total Expired: 78
Minimum Improvement Size: 672 SF Maximum Improvement Size: 3492 SF Average Improvement Size: 1422 SF
Minimum Year Built: 1940 Maximum Year Built: 2014 Average Year Built: 1973
Minimum Site Size: 131 SF Maximum Site Size: 156816000 SF Average Site Size: 117840.735729 SF
Minimum Sales Price: $54000 Maximum Sale Price: $550000 Average Sale Size: $190768

Data to complete the top of page 2 in the URAR that corresponds to 1004MC Data
There are 245 comparable properties currently offered for sale in the subject neighborhood ranging in price from $ 60000 to $ 575000
There are 888 comparable sales in the subject neighborhood within the past twelve months ranging sale in price from $ 54000 to $ 550000

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Research Parameters for the number of Current Active Listings combined with Pending Sales and Comparable Sales for the prior twelve months noted at the top of Page 2 of the URAR was for improvements that featured between 672 Sq. Ft. and 3492 Sq. Ft. of Living Area and constructed between 1940 and 2014.